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This is a guide video to teach you how to use our KD58C LCD display on Rebel and Predator. For more secret settings, check SETUP on www.revibikes.com🎟🎟Pre-.

Jan 27, 2020 · In this article, we list the different numbers and symbols, what they mean, and how to change certain settings on your electric bike. It’s easy to turn the LCD console on. First, make sure the battery is fully inserted and the on/off switch is in the on or [I] position. Then press the power button (top button) on the four button selector located near the left grip on the handlebars. To turn off the LCD screen completely, press and hold the power button for three seconds..

RipCurrent. S arrives in Class 2 mode. The e-bike is capable of being unlocked to reach class 3 mode (28 mph) using the pedal assist where allowed. It can also be set to "Off Road" mode where. The top speed will be only limited by the power available to the motor and the rider's own power input. In all instances the throttle is limited to 20mph.

Initial SettingsYou will need to set your wheel size, motor type, and battery type in order to get an accurate readout on the screen.1. Press and hold the up....

KT-LCD8S eBike Special Meter User Manual_V1.1; 2018-08-27 11:24:50; KT-LCD8S eBike Display User Manual. Fit for all type ebike SW- LCD housing material: PC. And the color of.

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re-enter the maximum riding speed setting interface; or hold button long to exit from setting 5. In display 3, hold button shortly (SW),and the display will re-enter display 1. environment of routine projects and save the setting values, returning to display 1. 6.

It dropped from frame, only a little, 10 de mai. Die Kratzern I've been asked a few times what the default settings are for the M5 display. Bafang C965 LCD Ebike Display. Купить ЖК-дисплей KT Ebike 7 LCD 7C TFT 36В 48В. To go to cruise control the screen needs to read C7. Toggle through the settings by pressing the power button 6 times until you see C7 appear on your screen. Once you reach C7 you will see the factories value set.